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Lost City of Atlantis

Legendary Lost City of Atlantis Found in Southern Spain, Archeologists Claim

In the mysterious world of urbex and abandoned cities, none are more iconic – or debated – than the lost city of Atlantis. Described by Plato in 360BC as an island lying in front of the Pillars of Hercules, thousands of years of searching historically found nothing despite promising archeological discoveries. But now, researchers claim to have located Atlantis in the wetlands of southern Spain, despite the feeling among many scholars that the city was nothing more than a Greek myth or fantastical urban legend.

Using Plato’s writings as his starting point, Professor Richard Freund, from Hartford University in Connecticut, used deep-ground radar, digital mapping and satellite imagery to locate what he called “one of the largest and most ancient cities at the bottom of a huge marsh”, north of Cadiz in Spain’s Donaña National Park. The resulting documentary, Finding Atlantis, was screened by National Geographic in the U.S. on Sunday.

Freund’s theory hinges on Plato’s assertion that Atlantis was destroyed by a “natural disaster”, believed to be a tsunami, in 9,000BC: “This is the power of tsunamis,” Freund told the Daily Telegraph. “It is so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that’s pretty much what we’re talking about.” Freund also claimed that refugees fleeing the tsunami established “memorial cities” in central Spain.

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20 February 2013 at 01:02

mmm hmmmm and we'll just keep on keeping on ignoring the elephant hastly covered in canvas in the middle of the room that was the discovery on Google Earth (now thankfully obfuscated out just like all the civilisation evidence on Google Earth's Mars)of the exact shape of Plato's description of Atlantis off the coast of North Africa. We as a humanity have some serious growing up to do in regards to facing up to truths and not willfully ignoring almost as a sickness what is going on in imagery that is right in our faces. Too many golden reputations to protect hey. too many diplomas not worth the expensive paper they are printed on to uphold. Too much entrenched theories like evolution drummed and dumbed into us by Secrecy whilst they guard the amazing discoveries being made in these last decades in the solar system for themselves, and try to rapaciously gain off the advanced technology they capture on film and keep close to themselves and theirs(true knowledge has become a need-to-know commodity to be expoited for a their few parasitical gain, whilst the rest of us are all guilty of sitting back and allowing this crap to carry on). Wake up Earth Humanity. Smell the coffee. We allow this crap to go on. It's time to open all of our senses and REALLY inhale what is out there to be had. All of you in denial know EXACTLY what I am talking about and staying nonplussed to fit someone elses agenda and in your own comfort zones is actually harming us as a humanity and our learning not helping us grow. Wake up, before it is too late. The dumbed-down keeping stumm is setting in to us collectively as a humanity. Soon it will be too late.

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